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Polish Hill is overflowing with a long and rich History.  As our home or as our favorite neighborhood, Polish Hill has been the place where family names can be heard for generations and new names are putting down roots for generations to follow.  We have the habit of describing places and buildings by naming things that once were there.  We still have a habit of calling the homes by the family names who lived there 100 years ago.  At least until we get to know our new friends and neighbors .
We have been given an opportunity to time travel into Polish Hill’s past and actually see our neighborhood as only a few now can see it.  Tai+Lee Architects has assembled an amazing map of Polish Hill.  Not just our streets and ways, but a map of the families that once were the people living in our homes, walking our streets.  This one of a kind map has the names of the families listed in the locations of their homes as well as the names of the Businesses that once were.  So if someone gives you directions mentioning “turn left where Dinky School was”  you will be able to now find your way around Polish Hill.We would like to take this opportunity to make this full sized map available to residents, friends and neighbors.  The Polish Hill Civic Association with the assistance of Tai+Lee Architects  will be selling the maps as a fundraiser to support the continuing efforts of the Polish Hill Civic Association.  The maps will also include a Directory of Brereton Street showing the individual addresses and names.

Polish Hill Map, Classic View  $ 35.00 Donation
Size (Unframed): 32″ x 22″
Printed on quality vellum paper

Allow 10-15 business days for delivery

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