Definition: A scarf traditionally worn to cover the head.

Text example: “This headpiece is a cross between a babushka and a snood.”
-From the 1945 New Leader, Richmond, VA

Origin: The exact origin of the word is unknown, but it is originally from the Russian language. It probably came into use in the US in places where Eastern European immigrant women used these scarves.

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Contributed by Terry Doloughty

2 thoughts on “Babushka

  1. Babushka should be write ‘Babuszka’ where ‘sz’ is spell like ‘sh’. Your definition of this word is wrong. Babuszka was a old woman who worn a scraft to cover the head. This word is used not only in Russia but also in Poland but very rare. You may meet Babuszka in small vilages usualy at east and south of Poland

  2. Hello Magda,
    Thanks so much for pointing this out! We appreciate your contribution. We got the definition off of the Pittsburgh Speech & Society website. It’s interesting to see how language can change by popular usage, isn’t it?

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