Be on the alert

The PHCA received this info from Lawrenceville United. Be careful and be alert when dealing with people coming to your door. This bulletin has already be sent out to our membership, but we thought we had better post this. Watch out for folks that come to your door with sales pitches!

Dear Members

We have received several reports of high pressured and not all together honest sales pitches coming from young men selling security systems in our community. Be careful when having conversations with these guys as they are being less than truthful. I questioned a guy trying to scare me into buying a system. He told me that criminals have learned how to cut the phone wires on my existing system and that my house was in danger of being robbed. He became uncomfortable when I told him my role in the community and said he had to get going, about two hours later he was still on my street. I am forwarding an email from Mark Lewandowski Captain of the Penn/Fisk Block Watch, it seems he had a similar experience.

Mark writes:
Dear Neighbors,

There are young men canvassing the area for Apex/Honeywell security systems. They are giving a fast sales pitch to get you free installation and a low monthly fee. They are using your neighbors’ names and saying that your neighbors are signing up for it. My name has been mentioned a few times- I did not sign up for the service! I hope to confront him shortly and tell him to hit the road. The one lad on Main Street is named Jordan Williams. Our neighbor Linda forward this e-mail and an on-line address questioning their ethics. I saw him early in the day and said that if he wanted to speak at our block watch about the product that we may be able to fit him in. He said he could not do that. Be cautious of this sales pitch – he is lying about your neighbors signing up.

The company may well be totally legit but we have not researched the company. Their sales pitch is suspect and it gives us cause for concern. Be sure before signing any agreements with them.

Thanks Tony

And this came in from the owners of Apex Security



You are correct to be concerned. In addition to the sales practices described below, please be aware that the door-to-door peddlers do not, in fact, represent Apex Alarm.

We are Apex Alarm, since 1966, and we never sell our products or services door-to-door. While we do offer Honeywell brand equipment (as do many legitimate alarm companies) we charge only $11.99/month to monitor most security systems.

We have discovered that there is an outfit, operating, we believe, out of Utah, falsely claiming to represent Apex Alarm, and causing confusion in the marketplace.

Please contact us at

or visit the official Apex Alarm
for more information on this matter.

Thank you,

Nick Lawrence
*”Since 1966″*
a service of 911 Inc.