Best of … Pittsburgh

It’s that time of year, summer is winding down, the days are getting shorter and Pittsburgh City Paper is running its annual Best of … poll. The poll covers a lot of territory, from sincere to irreverent, so settle into a comfortable chair and your favorite pen, or fill out the poll on line.

Don’t forget that a lot of our favorite Polish Hill businesses really fit the bill for the City Paper categories. Gooski’s and the Rock Room have both had top honors in past polls. There are several new businesses in Polish Hill that we think are top notch, like Urban Gypsy, Lili Coffee*Shop, Mind Cure, Copacetic Comics and the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. A few years ago, an unusual write-in won the category for Best Goat Tied to a Lamp Post, right here in Polish Hill. Unfortunately, after much Googling, Staffski has not been able to locate the article. The point is that you, dear reader, can take the opportunity afforded you in the make-your-own-category section and nominate a unique feature of Polish Hill.

Have fun!