Familiar places show up in new movies


Two new spring releases,  “Mysteries of Pittsburgh”  and “Adventureland” are both set in 1980’s Pittsburgh. “Adventureland” was filmed at Kennywood, which needed very little reworking to look like a convincingly old-school amusement park (watch the “Adventureland” trailer).

“Mysteries of Pittsburgh” features numerous familiar Pittsburgh sights, including a few locations in Polish Hill.  The trailer has a few quick views of Brereton Street, including a glimpse of the church; another scene (not in the trailer) with actor Nick Nolte was filmed at Sarney’s bar.  Critical buzz on “Mysteries of Pittsburgh” is tepid-to-negative, but it’s always fun to watch a movie filmed in familiar places and compare the cinematic view with the city that you know and love.  Watch the “Mysteries of Pittsburgh” trailer.

Read the Post-Gazette article about Pittsburgh locations in “Mysteries of Pittsburgh”.

Two more independent films were shot on location on Polish Hill last summer and are currently in production.