MOVEPGH Workshop #3

MOVEPGH is the transportation part of PLANPGH, the City of Pittsburgh’s first comprehensive plan, now underway.  MOVEPGH workshop #3 is the third of four week-long public design workshops to be held around the City over a period of six months. Each workshop highlights different portions of the City of Pittsburgh–Click here to view the map of focus geographies of all four workshops. These “design studio” workshops are multi-disciplinary, working design sessions

Community Workshop #3 is focused on transportation issues in Pittsburgh’s western and southern neighborhoods. This large area spans neighborhoods from as Fairywood all the way through the West End, all of the Hilltop Neighborhoods, Beechview, Brookline, Carrick, and through the Thirty-First Ward. (Click here to view a map of the workshop focus geographies). The workshop is open to the public – even if you do not live in these areas. Join the MOVEPGH team for an open and interactive discussion about walkability, highways, transit, bicycling, and more.  They need your input–drop in anytime during the times shown below and stay as long as you like!

Download a flyer for the Workshop here–feel free to print, distribute, post, etc.!
Get info on Workshops #4 here.


Workshop #3 Open House: See the MOVEPGH team at work & provide input

WHEN:  Three open sessions–drop in any time
WHERE:  St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church (933 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226)

Tuesday, June 19  10:00AM – 7:00PM

Wednesday, June 20  10:00AM – 7:00PM

Thursday, June 21  10:00AM – 3:00PM

Workshop #3 Wrap-Up Event: A MOVEPGH team progress report for the week on Thursday, June 21  from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Carrick High School (125 Parkfield St, Pittsburgh, PA 15210)