Potshots at Potholes

It’s spring time in Pittsburgh, and along with budding trees, sprouting gardens and wetter weather, potholes are making their presence known. All of that snow and cold weather pushes those gaping holes into the background, what with paying attention to the cold and watching the streets and sidewalks for treacherous patches.

So, the Pothole Patching season begins! The city is making it a goal to respond quickly to reports and they have a special 311 form and number that you can call just too make sure that the reporting goes smoothly. From their site —

When Public Works Crews are not responding to winter weather conditions, they will be on aggressive pothole patrol working 16-hours a day, split between two eight-hour shifts. Crews pledge to have the pothole requests filled within five days, with the majority filled within the first 72-hours. Read more

Public Works asks that residents be as specific as possible when describing a roadway of concern, so that crews can prioritize calls and get to them swiftly. Please report your potholes at —

or by calling the Mayor’s 311 hotline
Non City-residents can report potholes to 311 by dialing 412-255-CITY