Provide your input to the Noise Task Force

Pittsburgh City Council members Bruce Kraus and Patrick Dowd, co-chairs of the City Council Noise Task Force, have announced the creation of a Noise Line to collect citizen input about noise issues from all around the City of Pittsburgh. The Noise Task Force will use the input to help shape new municipal noise legislation.

This development stems from the Task Force’s research into best practices of noise legislation around the country.  The Task Force has also completed a comprehensive review of noise issues in the current City of Pittsburgh municipal code; researched relevant technical issues in acoustics; researched legal issues in writing a noise ordinance; and reviewed the legal and practical issues of enforcement, including the issues that have come up for the police in enforcing the current legislation.

The Noise Line will be open until June 8. Please note the Noise Line is not a substitute for 311 or 911.  Noise issues that require immediate attention should be reported to 311 or 911.

You can provide feedback to the Noise Task Force in a few ways:  call or text (412) 223-7620; send an email, or send a letter to in care ofCouncilman Patrick Dowd, 510 City County Building, 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

(Above:  This great poster was put out by the Chicago police department in 1942.  Image from Chicago’s~Finest Flickr photostream)