Searching for descendents of Wiktor Jarmolowski

We received this email from Sylwia Dec in Poland:

“I would like to find any information about my grandgrandfather – WIKTOR JARMOLOWSKI. I know he was born in 11.03.1875 in Kamionka (province Bialystok, municipality Jasionowka). He went to America around 1908–1916 and had lived in Pittsburgh (I don’t know how long). He sent a photograph – taken at the Pittsburgh PA, 2737 Penn Ave., Rydzewski Studio – with a small child. I think he founded a family there. I’m sending you this photo. I have too postcard from Pittsburgh (there is address, I think now is the address: 2741 Mulberry Way, Pittsburgh PA).  I send it too.”

If anyone out there knows any Jarmolowskis, please forward this to them.  And if anyone knows of Polish organizations in the Pittsburgh area who might be able to help with this  sort of inquiry, please tell us about them!  We’re not a Polish organization, so we only have limited contacts in that community.