You do count

The census is one of the greatest tools for social equality that our government uses. Budget allotments are decided from the information gathered during the thorough counting of all members of our population. So, yes indeed, you do count. This is a critical time for Pittsburgh. Recent data indicates that, for the first time in nearly twenty years, the city has experienced a growth in population. Now more than ever, it is important that we participate in the census process.

Everybody complains about taxes. the census is a way for you to get back some of your tax dollars. Federal funds are distributed to social agencies and infrastructure projects. Population density and the myriad demographic details of our population gathered during the census influence these decisions. Even the unhomed and those in transitional housing are counted during this enormous effort. The census is interested in tracking social trends, demonstrated by their options in self-selecting the groups that you identify with, as demonstrated by an option for gays to identify their relationship as marriage even in states where gay marriage has been specifically disallowed.

The census data is used to decide legislative districts and representation based on population. You may object to the system as it stands; it would be naive to think that everybody is required to agree with all government policies and Staffski acknowledges this. However, the most effective way that you can assure that your voice is heard is to participate in being counted. As an urban center, Pittsburgh has much to gain by providing the federal government with an accurate count. Data from the last census, along with projections, is available for viewing on the census site.

“If we don’t like it.. We need to participate to have the changes we want.   Trust me I know, I have had to do it.  We is a very powerful word and We can have a voice in the future of things to come for our neighborhood.  Over the last few years we have had vacant homes bought and remolded in our neighborhood.  We have new residents calling Polish Hill their home.  So if we want our fair share we need to be heard and counted.  Please send in your census forms.  It will help our community be recognized and to give our neighbors and friends the opportunity to be counted.” Terry Doloughty – President, Polish Hill Civic Association

If you haven’t sent in your census form, you will be receiving another one in the mail shortly. If you don’t respond to that notice, a census worker will be tapping on your door to collect your information. Did you know that it costs $60 for the Census Bureau to send a worker to your door to collect this information?

To track the response rate in our neighborhood, you can check in with the census interactive map. Please know that the census guarantees the privacy of your responses.