Your Library Needs You!

The Carnegie Library is continuing its search for funding its many community programs. Just think of all of the things that the library does for you. If you haven’t been to the library lately, stop by and check out all of their new programs. I’m sure you’ll find something that you can throw your support behind.

You can demonstrate your passion for the Library by taking action around sustainable funding today.
Now is the time to write and call your state law makers and urge them to protect your library from additional cuts. Help to restore Library Access, especially the POWER Library electronic resources and statewide programs that support cooperation and the sharing of resources and services across the Commonwealth.
Send an Email to Your Elected Officials NOW
Your library means a lot to you and your Library story means the world to us! Tell us how you use Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, share your memories, communicate its importance to you, your family and your community! These stories help us to continue to provide you with the best possible services, programs and resources. They also prove what an important asset the Library is to the people of Pittsburgh. Tell Us Your Story!
Individual Giving
Your donation to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh helps pay for and provide books, computers, genealogy resources, children’s story times, research tools and much, much more. No gift is too small! As we continue to work toward finding long term funding solutions, your gift to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh helps us to continue to operate and to promote literacy and learning thoughout the City of Pittsburgh. Give Online.

And remember, Giving is about more than just money. For information on volunteering and more click here.