Open Space & Art

Polish Hill’s green space is one of its greatest assets. Our Green Team volunteers actively care for community gardens, the Knotweed Knockout site along Melwood, and various parklets and City steps throughout the neighborhood.

We are surrounded by green:

  • Park space is 15% of the natural environment
  • Land use is 16.2% open space
  • Hillside is 19%


In July 2013, we became part of the City’s first Edible Gardens Program, teaming up with the Department of Public Works to add 10 raised beds growing produce in West Penn Park. To become a Green Team member, volunteer here.

One of Polish Hill’s more established open spaces also could use volunteer support. The monument committee gives TLC to the small City-owned parklet at the intersection of Brereton and Dobson streets. Public seating, a large fir tree and several smaller trees complement a stone monument that commemorates our residents who fought in all wars. The committee weeds, cleans and decorates the fir tree and surrounding parklet several times a year. Volunteer for the committee.


How We Got Here

Open Space & Art is one of four main categories of focus featured in our community plan. The goal is to create inspiring public places by integrating art into the fabric of community life. The neighborhood wants open space designed to add beauty, unique character and new opportunities to engage socially. There’s a strong relationship between projects in this category and those shown in Transportation & Gateways.

Overhead shot of parade

Our values and vision

  • Preserve and strengthen natural green spaces surrounding Polish Hill
  • Respect and enhance the green infrastructure to create a more sustainable, livable community
  • Foster the connection between residents and the natural environment
  • Create public spaces that are welcoming and inspiring
  • Actively integrate artistic and creative solutions into new and ongoing projects

Community guideposts

  • Establish a culture that lets art happen
  • Incorporate art and inspiration into everyday life
  • Engage participation across a diverse range of residents
  • View activities as vehicles for community building, transformation and growth

Project priorities

Projects are created using the values and guideposts established during our community planning. Recommendations include:

  • Turning Polish Hill’s green infrastructure into a sustainable community asset
  • Increasing the usability of the Dobson-Brereton triangle, which includes the monument site
  • Creating a scenic entrance along the 28th Street Gateway featuring Roundhouse Park
  • Developing the Downing Overlook as a green connection to the East Busway
  • Integrating art and lighting into the Bloomfield Bridge Gateway along the eastern border

Learn more about community discussions, priorities and recommendations for Open Space & Art (PDF).