Transportation & Gateways

Traffic jam with IHM in background

Cut-through traffic and speeding cars are no laughing matter. That’s why the PHCA continues to work with the City’s Traffic Division and transportation planners to advocate for traffic-calming measures to keep all residents safe. Recent improvements to the neighborhood’s traffic infrastructure include new stop signs on Gold Way at Denver Street, painted crosswalks at Melwood/Finland and Dobson/Hancock streets, slower speed limit signs on Herron Avenue, and bike lanes and car/bike shared-lane markings on Brereton and Dobson streets.

How We Got Here

Transportation & Gateways is one of four main categories of focus featured in our community plan. The goal is to create safe, unique and complete streets that encourage all modes of transportation. The neighborhood wants public spaces that promote walking, biking and community connections. There’s a strong relationship between projects in this category and those shown in Open Space & Art.

Our Values and Vision

Bus on Herron Bridge

  • Preserve the walkable character of the neighborhood
  • Maintain the urbangrid while creating a greener community
  • Transportation planning puts people first rather than cars
  • Quality of life is more important than efficiency or speed
  • Pedestrian and bike safety are top priorities
  • Make connections without creating thoroughfares

Community Guideposts

  • Promote traffic-calming throughout the neighborhood
  • Decrease the amount of cut-through traffic
  • Advocate green modes of transportation over traditional car use
  • Protect and preserve existing bus service
  • Create transportation policies and plans to support the environment

 Project Priorities

Projects are created using the values and guideposts established during our community planning. Recommendations include:

  • Protecting and improving the City steps, including access to the East Busway
  • Viewing Melwood/Gold Way as a green, bike and pedestrian-friendly opportunity to connect with Oakland
  • Improving Herron Avenue’s connection to the Hill District, Lawrenceville and the Strip
  • Safely connecting pedestrians and cyclists along Bigelow Boulevard to Frank Curto Park and downtown

Learn more about community discussions, priorities and recommendations for Transportation & Gateways (PDF).