Alfreds now open later on Fridays


Alfred’s deli has responded to the requests received from Polish Hill Residents and customers for Evening Hours and will stay open until 7pm on Friday evenings.   If you’ve been missing the bratwurst, spicy sausage, and Polish treats because you work 9-5, you now have time to stop in on Friday evenings.  Support Polish Hill businesses!

Alfred’s Deli       3041 Brereton St     412.412.682.3100
Hours:  11-1 Sun, 10:30-5 Tues-Thu, 10:30-7 Fri, 10:30-4 Sat

2 thoughts on “Alfreds now open later on Fridays

  1. Try the Contractors Sandwich. Anna makes them fresh while you wait. Can’t say enough… Glad to be able to spend Polish Hill Dollars in our own neighborhood store, and walking to the store–even better!

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