In the works

Exciting things are happening all over Polish Hill. It must be the time of year. Alina Keebler is reconstructing some row houses on Herron.. Just today, Mary-Lou Arscott stopped in at the Polish Hill Civic Association to show us the model for a property on Brereton St.

The front of the right side of the structure is planned as a green wall and will also include a green roof. Staffski is not well versed in architecture or in green enhancements like living walls. However, she is enamored of the design for the property. The front left building will have a first floor studio and living on the upper floors. The back right building will be converted from a three apartment with basement storage to two apartments. The back left will be a parking pad. We are very excited about this project and wish Ms. Arscott our best in realizing her vision.

If you have some renovation ideas for your property, you might want to check into what the Urban Redevelopment Authority has to offer. You might be closer to realizing your vision than you think.

Work is nearing completion at the Dobson and Hancock building. The property at one time housed a butcher shop on the first floor with two apartments above. As small businesses moved out of the neighborhood, the first floor was turned into an apartment. As with many properties in Pittsburgh, the apartments emptied out as residents migrated to different parts of the city and the region. When it was purchased by Mark Knobil and Catherine McConnell, it had been empty for many years. They developed a plan to convert the property to three retail spaces. That vision will come to fruition in a matter of days.

Lili Cafe will be moving into the first floor. And he already has customers, waiting patiently on his doorstep.

The Cafe is incredibly beautiful, blending found treasures from Construction Junction with contemporary appliances and equipment. There is an outside patio, where you can catch a lovely breeze while enjoying your java and paper. (Of course, everyone in Polish Hill reads the Voice.) Check out the slide show for more images from the final stages of preparing Lili Cafe for visitors.

The second floor of the Dobson and Hancock building will fouse Mind Cure Records. Check out the Mind Cure logo (designed by Wayno) and printed by Nathan Mould at the Cotten Factory!!!

Mind Cure Records has an in-progress album and more detail photos of the countertop installation up on their Facebook page. Their website is coming soon, but Staffski suspects that Michael Seamans and Dan Allen are a little preoccupied, getting their stock of over 8000 records ready for the move and the site will be live after they are open.

Copacetic Comics is moving into the third floor from a Squirrel Hill location. (Click on the image for a larger file)

Not only can you get comic books at Copacetic Comics, you can get super cool small press comics, classic to contemporary fiction, and a wide range of movies on DVD. Bill Boichel, owner of Copacetic Comics, is a habitual transit rider and is absolutely thrilled that the 54C stops at his door.

All in all, lots of wonderful things in the works in our neighborhood.