It was a grand opening

The Grand Opening event at 3138 Dobson Street in scenic Polish Hill for Mind Cure Records, the Copacetic Comics Company and the Lili*Coffeeshop was just a wonderful day for everyone!

Staffski did notice a new addition for all of you pedal pushers out there. Parking! Just for you!

Everybody had something special to mark the day with. Lili was selling large coffees for small prices, Mind Cure Records had the latest Reid Paley CD and Copacetic Comics had a booksigning by local comics illustrator and writer Pat Lewis. If you missed the grand opening celebration at 3138 Dobson St, just stop by during their regular hours. Staffski is sure there will be other special events.

Lili*Coffeeshop, Mind Cure Records and Copacetic Comics
3138 Dobson St, Polish Hill

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