New owners of Lili Cafe are keeping the name, planning more events

Lili Coffee Shop now has new owners — and they want you to know they’re keeping the name (they say it’s the first question everyone asks).  Heidi Tucker and Mark Clowney just bought the business from Rob Levkulich, who opened Polish Hill’s first coffee shop in June of 2010 and named it after his young daughter.  Now Rob wants to move on to other things, and Heidi, who’s been a familiar face behind the counter for much of Lili’s existence, has stepped forward to take over.  Heidi has devised some of the most-loved dishes at the cafe and organized art shows and special dinners featuring guest cooks.  She plans to continue with new ideas and events to help make Lili even more of a neighborhood asset.

We wish Rob good luck in his future endeavors, which including renovating his house on Revere Street.  And we welcome Heidi and Mark in their new roles as neighborhood entrepreneurs.  It’s good to know that a beloved neighborhood establishment is in good hands.

One thought on “New owners of Lili Cafe are keeping the name, planning more events

  1. This is so exciting! Congrats! I picture Rob having a coffee at one of the tables with evidence of Heidi’s creative talents throughout the space- can’t wait see how this transformation plays out!

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