Polish Hill record store part of a vinyl resurgence

Many people got rid of their records in the late 80’s and early 90’s, when cd’s became dominant.  But for others, records never went away.  At some point it became  clear that records might actually be the more long-lasting format.  And for some aficionados, the difference in the sound quality between analog and digital makes it necessary to listen to many types of music in the format for which they were originally recorded.

For years, Jerry’s in Squirrel Hill was, aside from thrift stores, the only place in the city to buy records.  Now, vinyl is hip, and Pittsburgh has a growing number record shops.  One is Mindcure Records , right here in Polish Hill on the second floor of the building that houses Lili Coffee* Shop and Copacetic Comics.

A recent article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review talks about Mindcure and other record stores and describes the resurgence of record collecting.   If you still have a record player somewhere, maybe now’s the time to consider bringing it back out again!

(above:  Mindcure Records, photo by Susan Constanse)