Journalist seeks struggling family for news article


Pittsburgh-based journalist Ramit Masti, who works for Associated Press, has contacted the PHCA and asked for our assistance on a story   She hopes to write a human-interest story about a family that is struggling with unemployment during the holiday season.

A lot of people would not be comfortable with this sort of intrusion in their lives.  For this reason, we’re reluctant to suggest or approach someone.  But some families might welcome the opportunity to put a face on the recession this holiday season.

So, we’re putting it out there.  If your family is dealing with unemployment and is interested in being the subject of an Associated Press article, call Ramit Masti at 412.281.3747.

(Photo taken in  December 1936, captioned “Christmas dinner in home of Earl Pauley near Smithfield, Iowa. Dinner consisted of potatoes, cabbage and pie.” Photograph by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration.)