Look who's talking!

Polish Hiller Gregg Gillis just keeps pushing the musical limits. There’s a great interview on the Tribune Review paper today —

Girl Talk’s music is deceptively simple. First, he takes existing songs and pries them apart. Then, he painstakingly constructs new songs out of the broken shards of old beats and hooks. And it’s not just one or two samples. It’s hundreds. Read the Trib Review article

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette published an article about Mr. Gillis on the heels of the Trib Review interview —

Now, his Polish Hill home is much better suited to his tastes. For one, it has air-conditioning. It has easy access to the airport, which he said makes for a “quick exit” to major music festivals. It’s close to Gooski’s, Gillis’ favorite Pittsburgh bar. Most of all, it’s close to his small circle of high school and college friends, as well as his parents and older sister. Read the entire article

You can follow Girl Talk on his MySpace page. Also, there is a great video from one of Girl Talk’s performances —