Moving day for Urban Gypsy

It was a gray and stormy day. Satffski propped her chin on her hand and stared wistfully out the window. In the gray, misty morning, a sudden flash of aluminum and a flare of orangered flew past the open door of the office.

“What was that” Staffski thought. Since Staffski was in need of distraction, she rolled her chair to the doorway to get a better look.

“Forsooth!” she exclaimed. “It is my dear friend Paulette Still-Khouri! Whatever is she doing in that large truck?”

Staffski’s dear friend, Paulette Still-Khouri

The truck trundled to a stop, directly across the street from where Staffski was peering out the door. Paulette popped the door and perused the street. Najeeb climbed down from the driver’s seat and with a mighty pull, wrenched open the truck’s door.


Staffski was stunned. Could it be that, at long last, Paulette would be moving in and opening the long awaited Urban Gypsy? Before she could quite gather her wits, Mr. Doloughty pulled up with Trucksi, loaded with a cooler.


Staffski is ever so excited!