Polish Hill Portrait Day Sunday March 21

Rob Levkulich, the proprietor of Polish Hill’s soon-to-open Lili Coffee Shop, has asked that we pass along an invitation to all Polish Hill residents:

We invite all Polish Hill residents to come have their portraits taken by local photographers to be put on display at our soon-to-be-opened coffee shop.  This could be a single portrait, or if you prefer, with a group (i.e. families, couples, or friends).  Come to the PHCA office at 3060 Brereton Street on Sunday March 21st from 11-1.  Photos will be taken at locations around the Brereton/Dobson intersection.  We are hoping this will be an ongoing project, so don’t feel bad if you can’t make this date.

Incentive to get you off the couch:  you’ll be given a free coffee coupon when your photo is taken.  When you redeem your coffee coupon, you’ll get a free print of your photo.

Please RSVP to rlevkulich@hotmail.com if you plan to stop by.

Thank you so much and hope to see you there,

Rob (Lili Coffee Shop)

Above:  Gooxie and Mildred, Bigelow Boulevard, 1920’s.  Photo from the PHCA archive, courtesy of Terry Doloughty.