After a two-year wait, condemned property at 3128 Dobson Street is being demolished

Neighbors of 3128 Dobson Street might not be pleased about the huge truck on the sidewalk.  But they’re probably relieved that the property, which was condemned and has sat on the City’s demolition list for about two years, is finally being torn down.  The long-vacant building had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer salvageable, and was characterized by Allegheny County as “unsound”.  Nearby residents have repeatedly complained that the building often stood open, and had become home to rats and other animals.

Why did it take so long to get this building torn down?  Well, the City doesn’t actually do these demolitions; it posts the jobs, and independent contractors bid to do the work.  And jobs like this, when a building is on a narrow street, right up against two other buildings, might be more trouble than they’re worth to many contractors.  As in other demolition cases in similarly crowded spots in the neighborhood, this building is essentially being taken apart by hand, piece by piece.  So that big truck might be sitting there for a little while yet.