Another piece of old Polish Hill to vanish


We’ve heard that part of the plan for the old Jubilee Kitchen building renovation will be to replace the old facade with a brand new aluminum-and-glass front.  It’s good to see some of the commercial buildings on Brereton being fixed up, but it will be terribly sad to lose this fine example of an original storefront.    So many people admire this building because it is one of the few old commercial buildings in Polish Hill that is almost perfectly preserved in a close-t0-original state.

I can’t help wishing that the old facade could be retained and restored.  That would preserve the unique character of our neighborhood, instead of making it bland and ordinary, and the building could be a wonderful centerpiece to a new Brereton commercial corridor.

The building next door to Jubilee Kitchen, formerly Mostowy’s Hardware, is also under renovation.  That owner has said that he hopes to get a national pizza chain in that space.  This stretch of Brereton might look very different a few months from now.