Coming down

3111 Brereton Street was damaged beyond repair in a December 2007 fire that claimed two other buildings.  Today, after more than five years (and asbestos remediation), it was torn down.

With the right equipment, a small crew can demolish a structure that has stood for almost a hundred years.  This took less than two hours.

The back building, which faces on Dobson street, is also in the process of being demolished.  Here it is last fall:

And here it is, partly demolished:

And just a few hours later:

The Pittsburgh Housing and Development Corporation, which owns the parcels, is overseeing the demolition.  The buildings are being torn down as part of the fire site development; the PHCA is working with the Design Fund to influence what will be built in their place.

(Photos by Leslie Clague for the PHCA)


One thought on “Coming down

  1. HUZZAH !! HUZZAH !! Onward and upward to a changing community which celebrates and values it’s roots. Selective demolition while keeping our original character as a turn-of-the-century Place to Call Home !! <3 <3

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