Construction Update

Well, it is officially winter. Staffski braved the cold and the snow (snow! that’s right!) to take a little walk around Our Neighborhood today. Rumor had reached the PHCA headquarters that this building —

— was undergoing some changes. Indeed, when Staffski came around onto Downing, she could see that there were some differences in the facade and alongside the building.


Since Staffski had camera in hand and she was out and abou, she stopped by Dobson and Hancock to see the progress on the property where Polish Hill’s coffee shop will be —


The crew is working on the inside, so you really can’t see the progress. Next time the door is open, I will try to get in to get some in progress pictures. Look at that, even in the cold weather, progress is being made on these projects in Polish Hill.

Got a project you’re working on in the neighborhood? Let us know about it at