Construction Update


There are so many changes happening in Polish Hill. Since it is such a small neighborhood, it is easy to see the changes that our village is going through; all Staffski has to do is step outside the office. From one end of Brereton to the other is the evidence of construction and deconstruction as Polish Hill evolves, exhibiting a new vibrancy.

Some old buildings are disappearing, removed because of years of neglect. Others have been purchased by newcomers to our village. Newcomers that see the beauty and potential of this haven in the city, that admire and respect what has been built and want to be a part of it. So many of our new neighbors stop in at the Polish Hill office and we are pleased to welcome them and their energy and interest in what we are becoming.

These changes, of course, are not without some price. The landscape of our village is showing some gaps. The machinery is loud, dumpsters are not the most pleasant features to look at and there is dust to contend with. Staffski is sure that references too where Mostowy’s used to be will figure highly in directions for at least a generation.

With all of that said, these are only temporary inconveniences. Dumpsters are not permanent and the dust will eventually settle. New businesses are already waiting to move in to Polish Hill, restoring the vitality of our village and an homage to what has been maintained by this community. Remodeling has it’s bit of mess to contend with, no matter if it is your bathroom, living room or Main Street. We are glad to have all this activity happening from our long term residents and our new residents. We will all benefit from an improved neighborhood after all the hard work and clean up has been completed.