Eighty-four years ago in Polish Hill…

Another great photo from the Historic Pittsburgh Image Archive.  The date was March 8, 1928, but it’s not clear where this photo was taken.  Although the description page references West Penn Recreation Center, it couldn’t have been taken there — the center wasn’t even built until 1939.

The title on the photo, credited as coming from the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad, is “Polish Mothers Making Lampshades” — although a lot of these ladies look too young to be mothers yet.  I recognize at least one of the girls, second from the right in the dark jacket, from some photos from the same period in the PHCA archive.

Her name was Mildred, and here she is with her friend Gooxie up on Bigelow Boulevard.  Unfortunately, we don’t know their last names — does anyone recognize them?

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  1. I will check with Al Huminski next time I see him. Should be some time this month.


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