Final days of Polish Hill photo exhibit at Carnegie Library

A reminder to those of you who haven’t made it over to the Main Carnegie Library to see the Polish Hill photo show…it ends Jan 31st!  The show is the first public exhibit of images selected from the new PHCA archive.  There are family snapshots from the 1910’s to the 70’s.  Many photos show familiar neighborhood places.

To visit the gallery, enter though the main doors and go left down the hall; the gallery is the last door on the right.  The gallery is open during library hours, 10-8 Monday through Thursday, 10-5:30 on Friday and Saturday, and 10-5 on Sunday.

Above:  A new baby on Revere Street, early 1950s, photo courtesy of Loretta Burek.

One thought on “Final days of Polish Hill photo exhibit at Carnegie Library

  1. I would urge any Polish Hill resident who can to see the exhibit. The people, building , and vistas will bring back memories of long ago. You might have forgotten the things that are not there any more. This growing archive of Polish Hill history is something for all of our residents to share. Where will your photos be in 100 years? If you have any treasures like these in your attic or photo albums please let the PHCA scan them and help preserve the the images for the future.

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