Fire on Bethoven Street in Polish Hill

Word travels fast, so many residents already know about this.  Late yesterday afternoon a fire broke out in a three-story apartment building at the end of Bethoven Street, right next to the Bloomfield Bridge.  It took the firefighters over an hour to put out, and from reports it seems that no one was hurt, but many of the tenants have lost everything.  For more details, read the article in the Post-Gazette.

We don’t know anything more at the moment; we’ll pass along any further information.  For now, we send our thoughts to the people who have lost their homes and possessions.

It does seem as if many of the fires in Polish Hill in recent years happened around this time of year.  So although we don’t know what caused this one, please, be extra-careful of holiday decorations, candles, fireplaces, and such.

(Photo by Michael Henninger for the Post-Gazette)