Hillsides don't flood

But water runs down hillsides.  There is apparently another water main break on Herron Avenue at Bigelow Boulevard.  Water is running through Maeder’s on Phelan and coming out of the hillside behind the building. Above, the building owner shows Terry Doloughty the pipe he set up of channel the rushing water through his building.  Water is also coming underneath the foundation:

Phelan Street often has a trickle or stream of water showing; at the moment, it looks more like a creek.  PWSA crews were at the site on Friday for a number of hours.

A resident said that the large main was briefly shut off, which stopped the water, but crews were not able to begin work at that point.  They would have to turn off the water for a large section of Polish Hill to repair the problem.

We will post updates as we find out more.  Let us know of any water issues that might be a result of this situation.