Stephanie Nilles performs at Lili Coffee* Shop Thursday Sep 13 7:00 pm

On Thursday evening Lili Coffee*Shop will welcome back Stephanie Nilles, who played there last year and whose performance made a big impact.  Her music is ole-time-y, but with more quirk (and more profanity) in the lyrics.  For another take on Stephanie’s music, we’re going to borrow this great description from a local events listing website:

“Hailing from New Orlean jazz/punk/barrelhouse musician Stephanie Nilles is possibly the most compelling jazz piano/lounge punk singer since Tom Waits started chain smoking and singing about sailors. Rolling Stone literally said that she’s like ‘Ella Fitzgerald on speed beating the s**t out of Regina Spektor.  She hustles around the United States, Europe, and Canada (except from 2009-2010 for legal reasons), averaging 150 gigs a year, captivating unsuspecting listeners with a voice that would make Jelly Roll Morton look orthodox and Ma Rainey look sober.”

To hear some of Stephanie’s songs, click here.  The show is all ages, BYOB, and admission is sliding scale — pay what you will.