Polish Hill history examined: the streets and storefronts

There was a nice short article in the Post-Gazette yesterday which gave an overview of the history of Polish Hill.  The article, written by Ned Schano, the History Center director of communications, mentions the first settlers of the area, the various names this area was know by, and gives a nod to the neighborhood we know and love today.

Polish Hill past will soon get another nod as part of P-G writer Diana Nelson-Jones’ interactive online Storefront Project, which features the storefronts of Pittsburgh neighborhood’s main streets of past years.  Anyone with feedback, pictures, information, and stories can contribute them to the project.  Centre Avenue in the Hill District is the first street featured; Brereton Street in Polish Hill will soon be another.  The PHCA has already shared our few Brereton Street storefront photos with Diana.

If you or anyone you know has photos of Polish Hill past, particularly the streets, shops, and everyday life, please consider sharing them with the PHCA archive.  We can scan and return your photos.  The archive is slowly growing, and we are excited to help preserve the history of this very special neighborhood.

(Above:  Hancock Street, around 1930.  The building at the end of this row, on the right, is now Lili Coffee* Shop.  Photo from the PHCA’s Polish Hill photo archive, photographer unknown.)

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