Polish Hill Voice February 2011 edition is available

The February 2011 Polish Hill Voice is ready for your enjoyment. Following is the President’s letter.


President’s letter

We’re past the midpoint of winter, when each day has a bit more light and thoughts of spring will soon be filling our minds. As we deal with the snow, ice and low temperatures, we begin to mentally plot our gardens and think about cleaning up our green spaces. Until garden plans and dreams have their season, let’s celebrate the current one.

Why celebrate winter? Ask any of the children taking a few moments to run and fall in the snow, or sledding down my favorite hill at West Penn. It may be hard to understand their answers through all the laughter. If one of the kids seems a little bigger than the
others … or you notice “Terry” written on his sled with magic marker, let me finish building my snowman before you ask why. Actually, it would be better if you just join in and figure it out as we go. It’s not my fault if you don’t remember that snowballs spontaneously
occur … just because. The best part of any season is embracing the changes it brings, and experiencing them by getting out and living.

Over a hot chocolate at Lili Coffee*Shop, the adult side of my mind begins to ponder. The seasons and their changes give the opportunity to reflect on past and present … and especially the futures we can explore and build together. My mind’s eye begins to
draw flowcharts as I assess programs, set schedules, anticipate outcomes, and create flexible “Plan B” options. Then, I look out the window. As I see friends walking with their children and their dog, a little something from Robert Frost creeps into my head: “The woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

The reminder is this: Let your inner child out for a bit of winter fun! Find the best place to ride your sled. Build your snowman and begin to wonder if he will enjoy the garden view you’re envisioning.

Terry Doloughty
Polish Hill Civic Association