Power outage leads to a traffic jam in Polish Hill

At about 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, two transformers blew on Herron Bridge, which bought down a live power line.  This blocked off the bridge and caused a power outage across Polish Hill.   Within minutes traffic started backing up, and very quickly, the neighborhood was completely impacted by cars.  In addition to Herron; Brereton, Dobson, and Melwood were packed with cars.  The traffic jam lasted for over two hours, and only eased when police blocked off Herron Avenue at Bigelow Blvd, which was also gridlocked because the signals were out.

Power was finally restored shortly after 8 p.m.  Residents often complain about Polish Hill being a cut-through for so many cars; this event made it clear just how many vehicles are using our narrow streets as a short-cut between other neighborhoods.

Photos by Patrick Singleton.
Top:  Herron Bridge was still closed off for some time after the downed line was removed.
Middle:  cars backed up along Dobson Street.
Bottom:  Paulowna Street, always busy during rush hours, was bumper-to-bumper.

2 thoughts on “Power outage leads to a traffic jam in Polish Hill

  1. Pictures can say a thousand words- and these sure do.
    Here’s hoping that some of these drivers will realize that we are a residential neighborhood and maybe slow down as they travel through.

    • Yes!!! Lots of the residents who were outside watching this said the same thing. A lot of people who live here really don’t like that we are a shortcut. Perhaps this is a topic that will come up at the public meeting for the community plan (May 16 at West Penn).

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