Public Safety in Polish Hill

This has been one of the most active years in memory for Polish Hill. Our residents and friends have accomplished amazing things by working together. We have welcomed new people to our neighborhood and they are putting down good, strong roots. Our native and new residents have been working well together, volunteering in clean-up efforts, tree plantings, gardening initiatives, PHCA Committees, and as one voice are helping move Polish Hill forward in our efforts to increase the quality of life for all of our residents.

We have had some challenges in the last month that cast a shadow over the hard work we all continue to do in our community. We have had new residents be the victim of a robbery on Brereton. This is a rare crime for Polish Hill that we do not want to see repeated. Several nuisance properties, in the hands of absentee landlords, have become problems for the entire neighborhood, not just the adjacent properties. We also know that two burglaries occurred Monday.

This represents an unprecedented rise in our crime rate. It has always been my pleasure to report very minor incidents in our neighborhood, and sometimes several months in a row with no crimes to report. So now I am asking all Polish Hill residents, and those who hold our neighborhood dear, to watch out for each other. Everyone on Polish Hill is a neighbor. We are working very closely with our Zone 2 Police Station to report any suspicious activity. Communication is critical, between neighbors and the Police department. We all want our community to remain the safe place we love. To that end I am asking all residents to continue to call 911 if you see something suspicious. It might seem minor, but the information may fit into the large picture and solve a problem for another neighbor.

The PHCA can also offer to turn in anonymous information if there are issues where you do not want your name involved; a ‘Silent Complaint” can get the information to the proper sources.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the PHCA with any concerns. You can reach the PHCA office by phgone at 412-681-1950 or by email at

Terry Doloughty
Polish Hill Civic Association