Seventy-five years ago today

It’s hot, and getting hotter.  The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church festival will be starting soon, and Polish Hill’s festival weekend will be underway.  Tomorrow is the arts festival, and we’re just about ready for that.  Things are busy here on this hot July day!

Maybe this weekend you’ll have reason to use the city steps in Polish Hill.  These two photos were taken by a Pittsburgh city photographer 75 years ago today, and it was probably just as hot that day as it is now.  This set of wooden steps connecting Hancock Street to Herron Avenue, seen from Hancock looking up (top) and from Herron looking down (below)  is long gone.

We can be glad that there are a lot more trees now; at least we have more shade.  These photos are from the Historic Pittsburgh Image collection.

One thought on “Seventy-five years ago today

  1. It’s always interesting to see things like this- the city as my grandmother would have remembered.

    It probably was just as hot back then- and they didn’t have central air.

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