Third community meeting for the Fire Site Development on March 11

aerial view

Find out what kinds of buildings are planned for the Fire Site!

The third public meeting for the Fire Site Development will take place at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, at 477 Melwood Avenue just outside Polish Hill, on Tuesday, March 11 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Ask questions, share your impressions, and learn about how your input was incorporated into the final design.  This is the third and final public meeting, and the last meeting before the developer decides whether to move forward with buying the land and building anything there.

2 thoughts on “Third community meeting for the Fire Site Development on March 11

  1. Admitting a rather “casual” interest in this Fire Site Development, until “NOW” ! If I read that picture correctly, it appears that this Development will encompass “More” than just the empty lot which stands there now. If this is to include adjacent properties (where buildings now sit ? ) then this will certainly warrant “my” and other people’s attention and interest. Didn’t think too much could be done with such a little empty lot as it stands, but would LOVE to see ideas for a bigger space. So much could be included for the community. Possibilities would be endless.

    • Hello Judy,

      The vacant space on Brereton is the width of the site. The two houses on Dobson, behind those vacant lots, are also part of the site. The site is described (and there are photos) in the Fall-Winter Polish Hill Voice. (You can see that issue on our website in the newsletter archive.) So it’s not a big site, but a decent size for a small, dense city neighborhood.

      The Fire Site Development project has been underway for almost a year now and is described on our website (on the Planning page). There have also been a number of articles in the Polish Hill Voice that describe the project. The community input part of the project began in November and we’ve reported on those meetings and workshops as they happened.

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