Twenty-two days until the deadline for the Pivotal Streets Façade Renovation Grant application!

If you’ve been thinking of doing some work on the outside of your house, we urge you to check out this chance to get some money to help with that.  Façade renovation grant programs are offered in communities all over the country.  The purpose of these programs is to make neighborhoods look better, one property at a time.  In Pittsburgh, Oakland has had a façade grant for a few years; now Polish Hill has its own program.

The grant is for the street facing sides of the propertythat includes areas of the property that face a street, public alley or public steps.  Possible improvements include structural work, permanent landscaping, site improvements such as walkways, stair and sidewalk repairs and replacement, and retaining walls.  Homeowners can also apply to do more cosmetic renovations, such as replacing windows, or correcting older or misguided renovations to make the front of the home look better.  For ideas on renovation possibilities, read the Polish Hill Pivotal Streets Design Guide.

All residential properties are eligible, although priority will be given to owner-occupied properties.  For more details, check out the Grant Guidelines and the Application. And please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions.  This is a great opportunity — free money is not something that comes along often; most home improvement incentives come in the form of low-interest loans.

Pass the word along — here’s a flier to print or email.

(Examples of traditional and minimal renovations.  Illustration courtesy of Loysen + Kreuthmeier Architects, from the Polish Hill Pivotal Streets Design Guide)