Unique views

Just this past weekend, Staffski received a link to a photo album from one of PHCA’s Facebook friends. (You can be our Facebook friend too.) Two years ago, the Immaculate Heart of Mary church was having their roof repaired. The scaffolding was up for months. Anyway, back to the message. From Melinda Wilson Pietrusza –

My husband, Joe Pietrusza, who took the photos, is a sheet metal journeyman who has worked on the church several times over the years.

Mr. Pietrusza took the pictures while hanging from a bosun chair on dome of Immaculate Heart of Mary while making repairs to the roof. There is no other way that anybody could have gotten these shots. A very unique view of Polish Hill. Please be sure to view the slideshow.

2 thoughts on “Unique views

  1. Wow! These are amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    As a photographer … I am soooo jealous!

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