What comes after Sarney's?

Sarneys, at 3055 Brereton Street, a longtime Polish Hill establishment, is in the process of being sold.  The new owners, Francis Pope and Mark Baranowski, came to Polish Hill on July 29 for a public meeting to discuss their plans for the property and to answer resident’s questions.

Mark has been in the restaurant and bar business for over twenty years.   He bought the North Park Lounge in 1989 (there are two, in McCandless and Cranberry).  He also owns Bonnie and Clydes, and is in the process of opening up three more places in South Side, North Shore, and Murraysville.   The Polish Hill establishment is the first of his businesses to open in the city of Pittsburgh.  Mark and Francis Pope will be co-owners, although Francis will be here on a day-to-day basis.  Jennifer Youst, who will be the  bartender/assistant manager, also attended the public meeting.

What will happen here?  Francis and Mark said they change the name, probably to Pope’s Bar, but they didn’t plan to make drastic changes, preferring to keep the business running as a comfortable, neighborhood bar.  They said that nicer and bigger televisions will be added to make it more sports oriented.  There will be a larger food menu and maybe even Sunday brunches, if it seems that customers want that.  Some of the Sarney’s staff will stay on, too.

Sarney’s will close by the end of August, then the new owners will be doing some renovations, including a new floor, painting, and some facade work.  They said they hoped to re-open sometime in September.  The residents at the meeting asked lots of questions and came away feeling that the new owners would be a good fit for the neighborhood.

(Above:  the interior of Sarney’s.  Photo by Mark Knobil)