Wild food on Polish Hill


There’s a lot of stuff to eat just growing wild here.  Even knotweed is edible, though boring (it’s sort of like broccoli stems, with less flavor and less texture).  For more exotic fare, there’s wild fennel, purslane, and other greens.  And there are mushrooms–if you know what you’re looking for.  Above are some morels picked in Polish Hill by resident and chef Kevin Sousa.  He doesn’t mention where you find such amazing things, and we wouldn’t dream of asking.

Kevin has a very nice  blog about food and cooking called Salt of the Earth.   Today’s entry is about bitter melon–one of those things in the Asian markets that always looks sort of intimidating.

One thought on “Wild food on Polish Hill

  1. MMM… Steamed knotweed shoots with morels in a nice alfredo sauce topped with Gorgonzola cheese….perhaps a side of pierogies.

    Priceless……. I think I should stop and eat lunch soon

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