Polish National Youth Baseball Foundation

This American based non-profit organization was formed to support baseball and softball programs in Poland. PNYBF helps to provide children from eight to eighteen an opportunity to participate in baseball. More information is available on their home page.

How to Help
There are many ways that baseball organizations, fraternal organizations, communities and individuals canassist PNYBF with its efforts to support the continued development of baseball and softball programs in Poland.

Baseball/Softball Organizations: There is a continuous need for good useable used gear and uniforms. This is especially true for baseball gloves. Many of our donated gloves come from “Lost and Found” where they have been unclaimed and stored for years. We also gratefully accept new items and those orphan items that never found a player/home when teams were outfitted. What is not needed are helmets since we have a more than adequate supply on hand. If you have such gear to donate please contact Tom Krajewski (716-941-6504or email: TomPNYBF@aol.com) to get the proper United States destination for shipping or pickup. PNYBF uses overseas shipping to get gear to Poland. There are several opportunities for a league or community to adopt-a-team in Poland. You can assist their development with gear or much needed funds. This is especially true where the Polish community needs to build their baseball field. Such a field can be dedicated to your team/league or community. PNYBF insures that funds are provided as work is actually begun and completed (in stages).

Social, Sports, Civic and Fraternal Organizations: The best way for you to help is with funds that can be distributed by PNYBF to those programs in Poland that are most in need and have a solid local organization in place to develop their program.

Individuals: Your financial support is most welcome and we will use your donations wisely. Some individuals also assist by sending us good new/used gloves that they purchase at stores, garage sales and flea markets. You can also spread the word about our organization and give others our web site address, e-mail address and phone numbers. We will reply to every inquiry.

Make checks payable to “PNYBF – Internet”.

Send them to:

PNYBF National Treasurer, 50 Middletown Avenue, East Hampton, CT 06424-1730.

If you wish to have a tee shirt ($100 donation) or a cap ($50 donation), please indicate that on a note enclosed with your donation. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Remember that PNYBF is organized as a not-for-profit organization and is registered and approved by the IRS. Your donations are tax deductible and will be gratefully and promptly acknowledged. Since none of our staff is paid, all donations are used in program needs.

The generosity of Americans is unmatched! We consider all donations as gifts from the heart.

To go to a printable donation form click this link: Donation Form