Image_PHCA_Projects3Whether the work is taking place with shovels and gloves, or with brain power and PowerPoints, there are projects year round in Polish Hill. Most projects are led and completed by volunteers.

From development projects and facade-renovation grants to public art and new sidewalks, the PHCA promotes economic and housing development while improving and beautifying the neighborhood.



Current Projects

Community Land Trust

Polish Hill is collaborating with adjacent neighborhoods to preserve affordable housing through a relatively new mechanism called a community land trust. This type of development allows community groups to retain ownership of land and then lease the land to a builder with a legal contract that requires the housing to stay affordable.  View the September 2018 presentation by our collaborators, the Lawrenceville Corporation, here.

Brereton-Dobson Fire Site Development


Fronting on Brereton and Dobson, our most historic and culturally significant streets, the site was identified as a high priority during our community planning. Learn more here.

Community Gardens

Polish Hill neighbors have planted community food gardens and decorative gardens for decades. Volunteers organize annual compost and planting at the Wiggins Garden, the Harmar Garden, the two decorative corners at Brereton and 30th Street, the Veterans Memorial at Brereton and Dobson, and numerous side yard gardens owned by neighbors.

Tree Plantings

Tree plantings are strong in Polish Hill to prevent erosion on our hillsides and beautify our main streets. Neighbors volunteer to plant and keep weeds cut at the West Penn Hillside along Brereton, at the Melwood Parklet under the Bloomfield Bridge, and in tree wells throughout the neighborhood.

Knotweed Knockout


The Sprout Fund Spring Program jump-started our Knotweed Knockout biodiversity project in 2011. The first phase is designed to combat the invasive Japanese Knotweed and to plant native trees in its place. The site, located on Melwood Avenue under the Bloomfield Bridge, is still in-progress and maintained by Green Team volunteers.