84 days until Election Day. Do you have proper ID? (a guest post from the office of Senator Jim Ferlo)

Dear voter,

As you probably already know, Election Day is coming, and now Pennsylvania voters need to produce a state-approved identification at the polls in order to cast a vote.

Don’t let the partisan, convoluted voter ID law take away your right to the ballot box on November 6th! We can help you verify whether or not you have an approved ID.

Visit my website, www.senatorferlo.com/voterID and take our Voter ID Quiz – our site will walk you through a series of yes or no questions to help you determine if you have what you need in order to vote.

Please ACT NOW and be sure you have proper ID by taking our Voter ID Quiz online! If you discover you don’t have an approved ID, both of my district offices are prepared to assist you to get what you need in time to vote.

With 84 days and counting, don’t risk missing out on voting in a high-stakes election! Take our Voter ID Quiz on my website: www.senatorferlo.com/voterID

Best wishes,
State Senator Jim Ferlo

Pittsburgh office:
3519 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Phone: (412) 621-3006
Fax: (412) 621-0373