Battery and bulb recycling

An Announcement from Construction Junction that all of our neighbors might find helpful —

Starting on Sunday, November 1st, 2009, Construction Junction will accept certain lightbulbs, ballasts and alkaline batteries for recycling! We’re able to offer this service through a collaboration with Scott Electric.

Here’s the skinny…

Lightbulbs are $1 each to recycle and must not be broken or coated. We’ll accept:

* fluorescent tubes 4′ long and under
* compact fluorescent lightbulbs
* incandescant lightbulbs (includes halogen bulbs)
* fluorescent “u” or circle lamps
* high intensity discharge bulbs including high pressure sodium, mercury halide and mercury vapor

Batteries are .25 cents each to recycle and must have their terminals taped (any tape will do). We can only accept alkaline batteries.

Ballasts, either electronic or magnetic, are $1 per pound to recycle and must not be leaking.

Happy recycling!
Construction Junction
214 N Lexington St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15208