Fall Leaf Removal Assistance Provided by the City of Pittsburgh

As leaves begin to fall, many residents will begin thinking about how to dispose of the leaves that they rake up.  City street cleaning trucks are not intended to and cannot accommodate piles of leaves.  Leaves left in the street eventually get washed to the sewer system and can clog catch basins openings and take up space in sewers during rain storms.  These are the leaf removal options provided by the City of Pittsburgh:

The following composting options can only accommodate green yard debris – leaves, grass, tree trimmings, branches, etc.  This does not include stones, dirt, garbage, food waste, etc.

Composting – Home pick-up
This year, on Saturday, November 12th, the City of Pittsburgh will pick up and compost yard debris collected and put out in the proper manner.  Yard debris not meeting the collection guidelines will not be collected.  You can find these guidelines here: http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/PW/assets/11-Yard-Debris-Special-Collection-Resident-Nov.pdf

Composting – Drop-off sites
The City maintains three yard debris drop-off sites year round.  The closest one to District 7 is the East End Center at North Dallas and Hamilton Avenues.  It is open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 2pm.  This service is free to City residents dropping materials off in a car or SUV – there are new charges for City residents dropping off materials in larger vehicles.  For additional details: http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/PW/html/yard_debris.html

Yard debris may be put out for regular collection with your other garbage each week, but will not be composted.  Yard debris headed for the landfill may be put in paper or plastic bags.

Thank you for helping to keep our streets and sewers clear.

2 thoughts on “Fall Leaf Removal Assistance Provided by the City of Pittsburgh

  1. By Sat Nov 12 not even half of my leaves will have left their trees! The same thing happened last year. Is it possible to add in another pickup, or at least make the one that you have later?

    • Miriam,

      The blog post you were commenting on is from 2011. This year, the City of Pittsburgh yard waste pickup is on Saturday, November 9. Just to clarify further, the PHCA is not involved in yard wast pickups, or any refuse removal — the City does that. If you’d like to offer them some feedback on when they schedule it, you can do that on the 311 line.

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