PSA from Zone 2 police: security system sales scam

Here’s a notice we just received from out Zone 2 community liaison (lightly edited for clarity and punctuation):

On 8/5/11 zone two officers were called to an address on 39th street in Lawrenceville concerning a suspicious man selling security systems. This man stated that he was working for Pinnacle Security and became aggressive when the homeowner told him that they were not interested. The salesman, later identified as Rama Jettie, told the homeowner that he was close with Assistant Chief Patterson and that the Chief endorsed his product. Once Jettie was told that Patterson had retired several years ago he panicked and left in a hurry.

The homeowner took a picture of Jettie and gave it to the responding officers, who later found him in the area.  Jettie was asked a series of questions that he could not answer such as what he was to do if a customer showed an interest in the product. He did not know but showed the officers an order form which had credit card and social security information. He did not know if and when the equipment would be delivered/installed and he didn’t know Pinnacle’s corporate number.

These salespeople wear black polo shirts with the name “Pinnacle” on it and carry a folder marked “Pinnacle Security”. This is a questionable company that has numerous complaints against them relating to scams and fraud, including excessive installation fees and charges running into the thousands of dollars.

These scams come around regularly.  Make sure your neighbors are aware, particularly those who are not online and might not have heard about this.  Zone 2 says:  Beware if they knock on your door, and call 911 if you’re not sure.