Speak up for the library!


As you may know, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is facing a serious budget deficit.  CLP has already cut staff hours and more cuts are still to come, including limiting library hours, laying off staff, ending new purchases of books, magazines, and other materials, and possibly closing some branch libraries (we have heard that any library that has not been renovated may be at risk).

Carnegie Library is asking everyone who values and uses the library to speak up!  Tell your legislators how important the library is to you.  Check here for more information on writing, calling, or donating to CLP.  We also have letter forms here at the PHCA office.

The Lawrenceville Library, which also serves Polish Hill, is a smaller branch that has not been renovated and may be at risk.  Councilman Patrick Dowd of Council District 7 has taken an interest in this issue, so please let him know how much the library means to you. The best emails are personal letters about why the library matters to you, your family and to the community.

Here is a form to email Patrick, or send letters to:
City-County Building
Suite 510/Floor 5
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219