Volunteers help clear sidewalks and steps

Each time it snows, Polish Hill’s informal snow shoveling volunteers  swing into action, heading out with shovels (or in some cases, snow blowers) to help clear sidewalks and steps.  The past several days were no exception.  We’d like to thank all of the all those who spent time in the cold clearing snow and salting so that everyone can walk safely.

This is an example of proactive, individual volunteering — and being neighborly.  And it’s something anyone can do.  Just look around near your home, on your block or street.  There might be older or disabled residents who could use help clearing and salting their steps and sidewalks.  Sidewalks in front of vacant lots or empty buildings and bus stops are other places that could use clearing.  Some City steps that are not under the care of stair stewards could use clearing, or anywhere that sidewalks are so icy that the road is easier to walk on needs attention.

If you’re interested in volunteering in a more formal way, contact the PHCA and we can suggest some areas that might not have been cleared yet.  And if you still have energy and would like to get out further, read about ServePGH’s Snow Angels, a program where volunteers are put in contact with people across the city who have requested help.

And for property owners, a reminder:  under City code, you are legally obligated to keep the sidewalk in front of your property shoveled.

(Top:  Brian Seklecki, shoveling after a big snowfall in January, 2012.  Photo by Leslie Clague for the PHCA)